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All good things must come to an end one day, and it is with regret that we announce the closing of the Cobalt Forum in one month.

Cobalt is an amazing game with a passionate following, and we are proud to have been a part of the journey for so many years. With releases on both PC and console, it will no doubt find a strong following and a warm welcome no matter the destination. It has seen some remarkable improvements over the years, and stands to become one of the most innovative and entertaining platformers of its time.

We would like to thank Mojang and Oxeye Games for letting us share in this amazing experience, and you, the community, for joining us on the journey. You guys are great, and have truly done Cobalt justice by giving it the passion and dedication it deserves!

See you on the other side!

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From the desk of Mojang's Owen: Cobalt Game Jam #1!

Creating video games is creative, fun, and cool. Loads of awesome people are doing it right now. And you can be one of those awesome people! To celebrate, the friendly folk at Oxeye Game Studio are hosting a Cobalt Game Jam this weekend.

That basically means that a bunch of folk have agreed to make a game within a set time limit. Some participants are streaming their progress too; it’s a great way to get instant feedback and stay motivated.

The Oxeye Game Jam is a casual affair. There’s no pressure or cost, but there is an extremely high chance of fun and increased knowledge. The jam finishes this Sunday at 12:00 CET.

If you’re interested in taking part, or would like to watch the current participants cook up their creations, visit the Cobalt channel on Espernet, check out Daniels post on the Oxeye Blog, and watch and inspire these good folk as they craft their own masterpieces: Have a great weekend everyone!


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As some of you may be aware, Minecraft and its creators, Mojang AB, was just recently purchased by Microsoft for a humble 2.5 billion dollars. As Notch himself explains, "It's not about the money. It's about my sanity."

Notch said:

As soon as this deal is finalized, I will leave Mojang and go back to doing Ludum Dares and small web experiments. If I ever accidentally make something that seems to gain traction, I’ll probably abandon it immediately.

Considering the public image of me already is a bit skewed, I don’t expect to get away from negative comments by doing this, but at least now I won’t feel a responsibility to read them.

I’m aware this goes against a lot of what I’ve said in public. I have no good response to that. I’m also aware a lot of you were using me as a symbol of some perceived struggle. I’m not. I’m a person, and I’m right there struggling with you.

I love you. All of you. Thank you for turning Minecraft into what it has become, but there are too many of you, and I can’t be responsible for something this big. In one sense, it belongs to Microsoft now. In a much bigger sense, it’s belonged to all of you for a long time, and that will never change.

It’s not about the money. It’s about my sanity.

Cobalt is currently being published by Mojang, with the Oxeye crew even living at the Mojang premises. Mojang handles all the business end of things, like advertising and awareness and helping the relationship with FatShark AB, who are working on the Xbox port of Cobalt.

Oxeye Game Studio has stated that though Microsoft now owns Mojang, this will not affect Oxeye or Cobalt.

Oxeye Games said:

The change in ownership of Mojang does not affect this partnership. Our deal still stands.
At Oxeye we’re always optimists. We hope and believe that Microsoft sees and understands all the good things that Mojang and Minecraft stands for, that they understand the importance of the awesome community that has gathered around Minecraft and Mojang and sees what aspects of the brand and the company that are essential for it to continue to thrive: Open, honest communication and free reigns for the developers.

You may find Oxeye's full response here.
Everything will be fine, so try not to panic!

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And now, a word from Fabio!

Hey now!

Trif, our lead information gatherer over at the Oxeye Games blog, is going to be livestreaming some Cobalt multiplayer shenanigans with The Duke, our mysterious, self-proclaimed Cobalt master.

The livestream begins on the 14th of June at a yet to be released time, falling on a Saturday for most European viewers. Head over here for more and more details, as well as to suggest maps for the two to play. These can be any gamemode, any map, including your own!

Speaking of which, Janeator, one of the map-making greats, has taken it upon himself to host, or at least start, a mapjam in the livestream's honour. Like any mapjam, users are encouraged to be creative and elegant in their designs, as well as functional mapping. There is no limit to the amount of maps you manage to pump out, just as long as they fit the theme "colorful." Of course, the maps you create should probably fit within the versus and multiplayer game modes, but if you manage to create a spectacular challenge map, survival map or even an adventure, there should be no reason not to submit it.

The deadline for the mapjam is June 14, the day of the livestream, but keep in mind you ideally want to get it in beforehand in order for Trif and company to actually see it. All maps are advised to be uploaded to the Cobalt Vault, but you can provide a file hosting link on the forum thread,here. The mapjam is just for fun, and thus there is no prize or winner to be drawn from the pool of maps submitted.

If you are new to mapmaking and want to get in on the fun, editor tutorials can be found here,here and here (old). Also, don't be afraid to hit up experienced mappers with questions! Experienced mappers are encouraged to help out newcomers and newcomers are encouraged to be the best they can.

Have fun, and good luck!

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Today, we have a guest writer for the front page, FabiotheTurtle, who is joining me on the Content Team! Take it away, Fabio!

Looks like I've got the keys to the Cobalt Forum - outstanding! Let's take her for a spin, shall we?

What do we have today?

MultiKill Mod Update!

A few days ago, the Multikill Mod (made by the amazing NeoZeroo) was updated to work in version 124h! How amazing is that?

Working without any sort of mod loader or compatibility hack, the Multikill mod adds just what it says in the title - multi-kills.

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"But, aren't there already combos and multi-kills in the vanilla build," you ask? Well yes, yes there are. However, there are none quite like the ones that the multikill provides.

Posted Image

It even has a tracker up in the top right that will show you who killed what with what weapon, how much that kill counted to their score, or even if they suicided! There are Double Kills, Multi Kills, Mega Kills, Ultra Kills, Monster Kills, Ludicrous Kills… Too many kills to count!

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Along with your standard post game match report - which will include kills and deaths respectively - the MultiKill mod will even include a global counter for each team, player or AI that has won games in the last session! Gone are the days of arguing with your friends over who's the better player; now you can track each game you have won.

There are also a few deathmatch/standard improvements, like more controller vibration for hits and explosions, as well as the all important laugh button.


Posted Image

True happiness not guaranteed.

On top of all that, each special kill, ass kick or moment of badassery is commented by the man we all know and love, the Unreal Tournament Announcer Guy! Do you really need more reasons to get this mod?

Head on over, and give it a download!

NeoZeroo plans to update it as it goes, so you'll never be left without!

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124h is ready for your enjoyment! What have they packed in this patch? I'll let it speak for itself:

  • Another small Bullet Time tweak. It feels fantastic!
  • Made the speed at which the reaction enhancers activate part of the bullet time setting and also tweaked all bullet time settings to be more useful.
  • Moving tiles is now possible in the editor in a more controller and free system!
  • Improved predator ai slightly.
  • Improved Nitrogen grenades
  • Facing away from flashbangs is even better
  • OnScoreReached working and more options.
  • Improved fires warming ability.
  • Bopo now follows the player.
  • Warning boxes now come in player colors!
  • Fixed some eye and light animations on actors ai feedback
  • Fixed offers can get stuck when teleporting

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  • Changed brain movement
  • Altered horizon rendering to be more epic and less in your face.
  • Added a slight bonus to the jump that you do at the end of a roll to more nicely be able to climb 128 high ramps
  • New actor: Boom!
  • New actor. Wasp!
  • New actor: Fly!
  • New actor: Skullfish!
  • Walking reduces speed less when above max and rolling up slopes should be less slippery and stopping while fast should be less sudden and more nice!
  • Improved reflect so that it more nicely reflects bullets back
  • Tweaked the punch origin position which made it feel better both in regards to roll punching and for hitting incoming grenades as well as bullets. It can now rather nicely punch plasma balls as well as slugger bullets if you time it correctly.
  • Tweaked the predator AI to attack in bursts with pauses in between to make the combat with them more interesting and predictable.
  • Added a skill variable to ai settings on spawners. It controls the general performance of the ai in regards to response times, shooting, rolldodging and much more.
  • You can now carry max 3 different types of throwables, similar to ranged weapons.
  • Small gameplay improvements to sandy challenge maps
  • rolling amount is now directly connected to how much you spin which should make it more clear.
  • Improved air roll landing behaviour to be more smooth
  • Jump can now be aborted/interrupted mid jump by releasing jump. Jump is also slightly higher. You can also always jump-kick/double jump, running first makes it stronger.
  • New Game Mode: TEAM-STRIKE: Round-based team versus. Always 4 on 4, take over bots when you die, economy system and actor selection between each round with different classes and levels!
  • Survival very much reworked! Gambling, dynamic shop. waves and an actual end!
  • Bots now have a setting for their skill level, also an option to automatically adjust bot skills.
  • Spiked mines only detonate on enemies and also blink more aggressively when you approach it.
  • removed reloading/switching weapon penalties.
  • Completely reworked the combo/scoring system.
  • Plasma is now deflectable, but still does damage and heat. More consistent!
  • Missiles now get pushed around like grenades when shot. More consistent!
  • Weaving nut and Fresh meat now spawns a temporary spikebird and hamster.
  • Two new suit types: Chrono and Stealth.
  • Slight rebalance among suits. Explorer suit has slightly buffed cold and heat resistance.
  • Added small personal indicator for autoaiming.
  • Felishroom has higher jump.
  • Flashbang visuals tweaked, gameplay effect emphasized. Enhanced being blind feedback. Increased flashbang effect range. Facing back to flashbang now is better over longer ranges.
  • Improved auto-aiming accuracy during bullet time effect and while using scopes.
  • Rebalanced bullet time factors for plasma and gyrojet.
  • Removed the big tile rose selector. Now it only works while hovering to replace tiles. It was getting out of hand loading wise and it was fairly unusable anyway. It was more commonly pressed accidentally which would hang the editor in a huge load.
  • Improved explosion feedback, clearer range of effect.
  • Explosives now also stun for a short while at a larger range than their damage. Force/stun from explosions range increased.
  • Explosives now has an exponential damage curve instead of binary damage.
  • Plasma weapons have been reworked and rebalanced. Instead of overheating and cooling down, it now charges up so that the first shots are more powerful. Indicated by sound and visuals
  • Rebalanced slugger weapons to have a clearer role. High rate of fire, less max ammo, more punch in deflect countering, slightly slightly longer range, Clearer visuals.
  • User maps are now listed in a separate user maps menu.
  • Increased rail slinger and defender ammo.
  • Increased aiming speed of the lighter rail weapons and added semi-firing mechanics to rail slinger.
  • Improved auto aim of weapons affected by gravity (crossbow, grenade launcher…),
  • Matter gun silencer < slugger revolution < slugger semi stealthyness.
  • Urns and borealis containers are no longer grippable.
  • And probably a ton of smaller changes I forgot to type down!
  • Optimized detector code which also should make it never accidentally miss a detection at fast speeds close to the detector.
  • Fixed bug in region size manipulation
  • Fixed bug drawing with the tile color brush on flipped files. Also affected tile affecting lights.
  • Hopefully took care of a rare modulation < 0 crash. (seems at least one instance is still there somewhere.)
  • Fixed certain secrets being visible.
  • Moved negative sign in timers
  • Fixed not getting a kill for things you caused after you die.
  • Fixed annoying physics bug where you would fly away on rotating and activated tiles sometimes.
  • And probably a ton of smaller bug fixes I forgot to type down!

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Oxeye gives us an in-depth look at the future of Cobalt, including new game modes, inclusion on new platforms, introducing new players to the game in a more friendly way, and much more. Click here to read more!

Oxeye Studios said:


What we’ve been talking about so far is a part of the game that is best experience with a friend or two to play with. This has always been the core strength of Cobalt. However, not everyone has a second controller to hand over to a friend, especially not on a PC or Mac.

Our biggest challenge with Cobalt has always been to create a cohesive, progressive and non-repetitive Single Player mode. It’s been a challenge because each approach taken so far has entailed A LOT of content creation.

Our current approach is to include all the work put into multiplayer game modes, Challenges, Survival and the Adventure mode in one continues experience. Our plan right now is to have them presented in a Super Mario Bros. 3 style world map in which the player can progress and discover the game and the story.


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Cobalt will be coming to the 360 and Xbox One, says Cobalt developer Oxeye Studios!

Players have long requested strong multiplayer support, but many argue that Cobalt has always been a "play with your friends locally" type game, best played on a couch with some buddies. That reality is coming quickly with the game's pending release on consoles. Sweet!


Microsoft executive Phil Spencer announced today during the company's Gamescom press briefing that Oxeye Game Studio's action platformer Cobalt is coming to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The game is published by Minecraft developer Mojang. No release or pricing information was provided.

Cobalt was announced in 2011 and is currently available via the game's website through a paid beta.

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Due to a bug, the previous game launcher will not update correctly. Make sure to download the new, fixed launcher, by clicking here!

  • Nano gas now heals when it reaches the target and not before.
  • Nerfed pipe gun slightly
  • Reduced revolver and cobra recoil slightly
  • Simplified jetbike interface for now.
  • Increased the no-effect temperature area. -10 to +30 does create any temperature effect,
  • Air-bomb no longer has self destruct by default. Now shows weapons on actor when used.
  • Made an actor with self destruct equipped flash red in intervals.
  • Optimized sprite loading system. Less stuttering in certain conditions.
  • Moved default holster key to shift.

  • Shield belts no longer eat up all the batteries
  • Fixed crash related to ai trying to get an ai attack range that was nil
  • Fixed crash related to certain actors trying to throw items when they had no custom throw settings
  • Fixed generic object -> object collision position error which would especially affect plasma bullets making them behave erratically by flying away far down right.
  • Fixed nano dispenser explosion being incorrect.
  • Fixed upgrade prices being incorrect and insufficient volt red marking also being incorrect.
  • Fixed end all offers crash
  • Fixed converter delivery crash
  • Fixed a rather broken Hero Laser
  • Fixed itemspawner tile not working correctly.
  • Fixed vendor price indicator being outside with high prices
  • Fixed airbomb not maintaining hover height in non-combat modes
  • Fixed demo crashing when not logged in
  • Fixed missing map in demo list, added a bunch of others.
  • Fixed nondefault vendor price displayed amount not matching actual price.
  • Reduced the inherited speed loot get from actors


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